Taylor Swift closes out a mega 2023 by being the UK’s most streamed artist -.

If you had to pick one celebrity to really associate 2023 with, it would have to be Taylor Swift. The musician has been the topic of conversation virtually every month of the year, thanks to record-breaking tours, movie releases and even her relationship status. So it should come as no surprise that Swift has now also been named the UK’s most streamed artist for 2023.

According to BBC News, Swift topped the charts on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer, where she also set a record for most listeners for any artist in a single year for the first service.

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Although Swift has not claimed the title as the most streamed song on any of the platforms, she has included 65 songs in Apple Music’s Global Daily Top 100 during the year, which is more than any other artist. We also don’t know which artist topped the charts for most streamed album, except on Spotify where it was revealed that Swift’s Midnights took the title.

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Taylor Swift closes a mega 2023 by being the UK's most streamed artist

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