Taiwan Mobile seeks crypto partners: Bloomberg

Taiwan Mobile would like to establish partnerships with crypto platforms local. The telephone operator listed telephone operator could also investmentsdepending on the source.

Taiwan Mobile is currently in talks with several Taiwanese companies specializing in cryptocurrency, including blockchain fintech XREXto evaluate alliance opportunities and potentially make investmentsreported on Tuesday Bloombergciting people close to the matter.

No decisions have been made, and many are not coming to fruition,” the sources said.

The principal concerned declined to comment on the report in detail and simply said he was open to “all potential opportunities”.

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According to XREX founder Wayne Huang, who also did not confirm the information, the synergies between Web3 players and large institutions such as Taiwan Mobile are important because they already have substantial customer bases.

Last year, NTT DocomoJapan’s largest cell phone operator, announced plans to invest up to 4 billion euros in the new version of the Internet.

Lately, Taiwan has appointed a regulator for the crypto sector. Taiwan’s FSC now oversees cryptocurrency trading and payments.

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