Taiwan, Korea and Japan prepare for the arrival of super typhoon ‘Hinnamnor’.

Taiwanese, South Korean and Japanese authorities have warned of the seriousness of super typhoon ‘Hinnamnor’ approaching these three countries and which could be one of the most destructive typhoons in history, according to Seoul.

The first affected has been Taiwan, which has already recorded strong winds this Saturday and expects an increase in the intensity of the storm during the day on Sunday, reports TTV television, which cites the Central Meteorological Office of the island. The eye of the storm is located about 350 kilometers northeast of Taipei.

Warnings have already been issued over the cities of New Taipei, Keelong and to Yilan County for possible sustained winds of 173 kilometers per hour and gusts of 209 and landslides have been reported in the mountainous Nanzhuang area causing road closures.

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Schools and offices in the Jianshi and Wufeng mountainous areas and much of New Taipei, Ruifang, Pingxi, Shuangxi and Gongliao have remained closed on Saturday.

Meanwhile, South Korea has warned that the storm will hit the resort island of Jeju on Monday or Tuesday and the Korea Meteorological Administration has said it could be one of the most destructive typhoons in history, according to Yonhap news agency.

For its part, Japan has ordered evacuations in the cities of Miyakojima and Ishigaki, in Okinawa region (south), for neighbors who consider that their homes are at risk from the storm. Meanwhile, the Japanese flag carrier, ANA, has cancelled 56 flights affecting some 3,230 passengers.

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