Switzerland adopts EU position on energy and plans to save 15% of its energy costs

The Swiss government has followed the line set by the European Commission and has called for voluntary energy savings so that the country can reduce gas consumption by 15 percent for the winter months, given the forecast of possible supply cuts if the situation worsens in Europe.

The government has recalled that Switzerland imports all the gas it consumes, which represents about 15 percent of the entire energy mix, so it sees the need to start acting now with voluntary measures that it does not rule out becoming mandatory.

He aims for national consumption between October and March to be 15 percent lower than the average of the last five years and, to this end, anticipates that public institutions will try as far as possible to save energy, for example by lowering the temperature in buildings.

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The authorities will also launch an awareness campaign to warn citizens of the need to take measures, recalling for example that lowering heating by one degree reduces consumption by 5 to 6 percent, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Swiss Executive.

The government does not rule out that if these measures fail, which it plans to discuss with regional authorities before approving them, it may be forced to close non-essential facilities, such as sports facilities.

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