Swedish prime minister casts her vote in the legislative elections

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson on Sunday exercised her right to vote in the historic Swedish legislative elections, marked by the country’s imminent accession to NATO.

Andersson has voted in the town of Nacka, southeast of Stockholm, according to images released by the Swedish media.

She had earlier told the press that she is willing to collaborate with all parties except the far-right Sweden Democrats formation.

Andersson has expressed disappointment over the decision of other parties to veto possible electoral pacts with her formation, the Social Democratic Party of Sweden, reports public radio.

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Andersson, the first woman to lead a government in Sweden, was elected prime minister in November 2021, but her tenure has been marked by instability, first by the departure of her coalition partner, the Green Party, from the government. Since then, the Social Democratic Party has governed alone, seeking occasional parliamentary support.

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