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Baseball games are always less popular here in the Netherlands than in other countries, yet the Netherlands has a lively baseball team that has also achieved glory in previous years! We got to work with Super Mega Baseball 4, the successor to, you guessed it, Super Mega Baseball 3. We want you to be prepared for a great experience with Super Mega Baseball 4, as this game brings a fresh and nostalgic twist to the baseball sports genre and will, if you love Baseball, offer hours of entertainment. Enter the field and experience the excitement of baseball like never before.

Super Mega Baseball 4’s gameplay is truly fantastic. It is fast, action-packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re throwing impressive strikeouts or trying to hit home runs, the controls are responsive and fluid, making you feel like a true professional. Despite having an arcade feel, you can get enough realism out of the game. It is certainly not easy to just hit a home run, which, despite the arcade feel an the game, makes you feel like you have to learn the game. As a result, the game offers a wonderful balance of accessibility for newcomers, as well as depth for experienced players who know Super Mega Baseball 3 inside and out. However, the fielding is imprecise, you don’t know exactly when to dive or position your outfielders properly. This makes it feel clumsy when you have to catch a ball. The game also uses an automatic system that focuses on your batters and fielders. We do find that we would have liked more flexibility to sometimes choose different characters on the field. The mini-games for pitching were a lot of fun, though, and definitely did get used over time.

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One of the most notable features of Super Mega Baseball 4 is the extensive team management. You have the ability to create your dream team and customize every aspect of your players, from their appearance and equipment to their unique animations and skills. You can even choose the music played during their at bats! And if you’re a fan of baseball legends from the 1990s, you can bring them to life and add them to your team. Imagine making epic moves and dominating the competition with players like David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero!

The game offers a wide range of exciting game modes to explore. You can play single matches for a quick adrenaline rush, participate in exciting tournaments or immerse yourself in the immersive Franchise mode. In Franchise mode, you take on the role of manager and make all the important decisions for your team. From selecting new players to making strategic trades, you set the course for your team. It’s a great way to test your management skills and see if you are capable of building a championship-worthy team. After hours spent in franchise mode you do notice that it gets monotonous, but the first few hours are definitely the most fun, and yet you will spend most of your time in these modes.The trading options in Franchise mode could have been more extensive, as they currently feel limited. This, as mentioned above, makes Franchise mode feel a bit monotonous at times.

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Graphically, Super Mega Baseball 4 is a visual spectacle. The graphics are sleek, vibrant and perfectly capture the retro arcade style. You shouldn’t expect to play the most beautiful game ever with realistic graphics, but you should think of stepping into a time machine and playing a baseball game from the 1990s, but with the modern finishing touches a game needs. In addition, you can go back in time with baseball legends such as David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero. These legends add an extra dose of nostalgia to a game that has mostly no real players. It feels like stepping into a time machine and playing baseball games from the 1990s, but with modern finishes.

Now let’s talk about the customization options. Super Mega Baseball 4 takes this to the next level. Not only can you create your dream team, but you have complete control over everything from uniforms and logos to individual game features. Want your team to wear bright neon colored jerseys? No problem! Prefer a more classic look with pinstripes? You can do that, too! The level of control over your team’s appearance is amazing, allowing you to unleash your creativity and make your team truly unique.

So grab your controller, invite your friends and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience with Super Mega Baseball 4. This game makes baseball feel like the 90s again. The game combines nostalgia, with arcade and a modern finish. Managing your team is great and the ability to customize everything gives you the freedom you want. For baseball fans, this game is a must-have and for sports fans in general, this is a game you should definitely consider, because Super Mega Baseball 4 hits a home run!

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