SOEDESCO partners with game studio Among Giants – That’s Gaming

SOEDESCO announces its partnership with independent game development studio Among Giants. SOEDESCO is now the publisher of the developer’s upcoming project.

Among Giants is a game development studio with an appetite for adventure, based in São Paulo, Brazil. With its last project being “Distortions,” a story-driven musical adventure game, Among Giants is excited to embark on a brand new adventure with SOEDESCO:

“Since the successful release of our last project, ‘Distortions,’ our progress has scaled very quickly and it feels surreal to have SOEDESCO on board for our next venture.

We are especially excited because SOEDESCO not only believes in and supports our game design philosophy, but also embraces the expression of our team and shares our vision to create something new within the game industry.

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Our next project will be a tribute to our deep passion for backpacking in remote parts of the world and our love for mountains, with influences from the rich cultural heritage of Patagonia.

With SOEDESCO on our side, we couldn’t be more excited to bring this vision to life.”

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