Super Mario RPG Remake trailer shows new gameplay – That’s Gaming

Nintendo has released a new gameplay trailer for the remake of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, coming to the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 17. The updated graphics look fantastic, while the soundtrack has been lovingly modernized. But that’s not all, as the role-playing game has received some new features to enhance battles.

As with the original release, timing buttons allow you to block damage and add damage to certain moves. However, if you perform attacks at the right time in the remake, you can damage all enemies at the same time. Successfully executing action commands also fills a meter, allowing you to unleash a triple move with party members on the field.

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These triple moves change based on who is on the field, so some experimentation is encouraged. Finally, you can take on certain bosses. Be careful as they have undergone significant improvements. Also, it looks like Culex is returning, as the signature door is shown in Monstro Town.

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