Sub Mini, Sonos’ first ‘affordable’ woofer, appears in first photos

Sonos products have never been “cheap”, including the company’s new more affordable soundbar, the Ray, being significantly more expensive than other companies’ entry-level models. However, one device that has always been available at a very high price, with no real cheaper alternative has been the Sub subwoofer, which for three generations has come in the same design and price of over 700 euros. It looks like the wait for those wanting a cheaper woofer won’t be very long, as the first images of the new Sub Mini have emerged, which will also offer Ray or Beam users a more easily digestible price option.

Sonos Sub Mini could be delayed from original release plan

WinFuture, the German publication that often posts “leaks” with images of as-yet-unreleased and often officially unannounced products, has published the first images of the Sonos Sub Mini. The new subwoofer appears to adopt a different design from the existing Sub, adopting more of a cylindrical design with a central cutout, as opposed to the square design of the original. In terms of size, it looks significantly smaller than the original Sub, but still larger than the Sonos One speakers.

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Images published by WinFuture suggest that Sonos is preparing some special packages for the launch of the Sub Mini. At the heart of a Sub Mini system appears to be the new Sonos Ray, along with a new woofer or woofer plus two One speakers. In the former you’d get a 2.1 system, while the latter is a surround package. Given that the Beam is also considered a more affordable soundbar from Sonos, it’s likely that bundles with this model will also appear.

But the beauty of the Sonos system is that you can always add a new speaker, so those who already have soundbars will be able to plug in a Sub Mini without the hassle, and later they’ll also be able to add One speakers as satellites to the rear channels for a surround effect.

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WinFuture says, however, that although originally scheduled for release in 2022, the Sub Mini could be delayed until the first part of 2023. There is currently no official information from Sonos about the Sub Mini or a possible release of this product.

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