Study recommends postponing in vitro fertilization 90 days after covid vaccination

  • Pregnancy rate drops significantly after first two months, research shows

The covid-19 vaccine may cause a immune system reaction that interferes with embryo implantationTherefore, it is advisable to postpone in vitro fertilization for at least 90 days after vaccination. This is the conclusion of a study published in the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ and co-authored by Dr. Jan Tesarik of the MAR&Gen clinic in Granada. The research points to the existence of a dThe research suggests that there is a significant decrease in the rate of pregnancy in patients treated by in vitro fertilization within 2 months after coronavirus vaccination.

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The study, which was conducted in 3,052 women, compares the results achieved after in vitro fertilization at three different time periods following coronavirus vaccination: about 30 days, between 30 and 60, and between 61 and 90.

Hormonal recommendation

The results, according to Tesarik and Russell Reiter, Ph.D., of the University of Texas, also an author of the paper, point to a significant decrease in pregnancy rate in women treated in the first two groups.

Meanwhile, patients who received IVF treatment between 61 and 90 days had moderately decreased outcomes. The study did not detect any negative effect in women who were treated 91 days or more after receiving the vaccine.

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Another recommendation of the study is the use of the immunomodulatory hormone melatonin to palliate the adverse effects of covid vaccines. However, the effects of this hormone on in vitro fertilization outcomes after vaccination have yet to be determined, the report concludes.

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