Steve Jobs cheated on the first iPhone demo to convince the world to use Apple’s phone

Steve Jobs took full risks with the first iPhone presentation.

There are all kinds of stories about Steve Jobs. The man who is considered the father of the iPhone and a visionary had his own peculiarities – and above all, his own mind.

That’s why it’s not surprising that he cheated during his appearance at the first demonstration of the iPhone in 2007. Yahoo Finance broke down the story.

The iPhone wasn’t even ready yet

There’s no question that the device had a groundbreaking concept, but it wasn’t yet ready for the public. Jobs therefore staged a presentation that was more of an artistic illusion than a demonstration of what the iPhone was really capable of.

Added to this was: Jobs insisted on a live demonstration and not a pre-video one, as was usual in Silicon Valley.

Every reason for the developers to be nervous. So they developed a meticulous script to avoid any malfunctions or anything going wrong during the presentation.

They did the math without Steve Jobs.

This story proves that an old iPhone 1 can be worth a lot of money:

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This is how Steve Jobs cheated

There were two main problems with the iPhone that Steve Jobs tried to cover up through deliberate deception.

Too little memory. The first iPhone only had a limited memory of 128 megabytes, insufficient for unfinished, resource-intensive applications.

That’s why Jobs kept secretly swapping devices on stage during the presentation to manage storage requirements and not show what data diggers the apps were. Or that not all of them fit on one device.

Weak signal. Of course it looks stupid if the signal strength fluctuates during the demonstration. That’s why Jobs demanded that iPhones always display full signal strength.

Did it work?

Steve Jobs rehearsed for the performance for five days. Just don’t make any mistakes. If it worked? Feel free to see for yourself:

Link to YouTube content

If you don’t have 80 minutes to spare, we’ll tell you.

On the day of the presentation, despite the high risk of technical failures, Jobs was able to complete the show without any significant problems. This is still viewed as a miracle by those involved today, considering the challenges of development behind the scenes.

Engineers had to sign several non-disclosure agreements and worked in high-security areas at Apple to ensure that no information leaked out.

According to the source, they didn’t even believe internally that the device would be a success.

This environment led to a highly tense situationin which engineers and managers reportedly got drunk during the presentation, knowing full well that the device was fragile and “riddled with bugs.”

Finally, Jobs rocked the baby. The rest is history.

By the way, there are also one or two hair-raising stories about Jobs’ competitor Bill Gates:

On January 9, 2007, a confident Steve Jobs took the stage and unveiled the revolutionary iPhone. However, behind the scenes there was a lot of sweating. Did you know the anecdote about the iPhones being exchanged? Did Jobs get it exactly right? Did you even see the demo back then? Feel free to share your memories in the comments.

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