Staking : MetaMask Institutional unveils a marketplace

In partnership with Kiln, Blockdaemon and Allnodes, MetaMask Institutional has opened a market place dedicated to the staking.

As the Shapella update on Ethereum, which will allow the withdrawal of stashed ethers, is fast approaching, MetaMask Institutional announces, this Wednesday, the launch of a marketplace dedicated to staking.

According to ConsenSys, the publisher of Metamask, Shapella (Capella + Shanghai) could drive institutional staking adoption by offering “greater flexibility and control of assets.” The update is expected to be rolled out in mid-April.

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Launched in partnership with three leading staking service providers, including France’s Kiln, the marketplace also provides access to ConsenSys Staking technology and thus aims to simplify the staking for the companies. The two other selected suppliers are Allnodes and Blockdaemon.

The Ethereum merger last year was one of the most profound achievements in crypto history, resulting in increased economic security, lower energy costs and a diverse customer base. With the upcoming withdrawals, we believe that institutional demand for securing the global computer will increase,” trumpeted Johann Bornman, head of institutional products at MetaMask.

In September 2022, the network Ethereum switched to a consensus transaction validation proof-of-stakeabandoning mining in favor of staking.

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For the boss of the French startup Kiln, Laszlo Szabothe integration of his service with Metamask Institutional is an “important step” as Shapella approaches.

The announcement comes about 2 months after the launch of liquid staking features on the Metamask portfolio app.

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