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Independent game developer and soon-to-be publisher, Planet 47 Games, is excited to reveal information about their upcoming debut game Spider Fox. The game is coming to PC via STEAM and prepare you for a fun and challenging adventure game in which a mad scientist and some very interesting and peculiar animals need help.

Spider Fox challenges you to play as a Fox merged with a Spider! Your goal is to explore beautiful environments populated with all sorts of creatures and critters. The Mad Scientist has created some wild animal combinations and using your best skills and abilities you must climb, use Grappling Webs and other items to overcome his obstacles and save the animals in need. You can upgrade things like Web and Climbing levels as you progress, and the environment is full of items and collectibles to help you navigate through map challenges.

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Spider Fox is currently in development and is available to add to your wish list through STEAM™. The concept of the game was inspired by the developer’s 5-year-old son, who provided lots of feedback and ideas. Together they wondered what would happen if they combined the scariest thing in the world, a spider, with one of the cutest things, a fox, and from that premise a fascinating world of ideas was born. What began as a personal hobby project grew into the amazing game it is today.

Spider Fox is a visually appealing game suitable for players of all ages and experience levels and offers plenty of ridiculous combined animals to see and cure.

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  • Beautiful environments to explore.
  • Fun with Grappling Webs to swing through the air and help you in your quest.
  • Tons of ridiculous combined animals to see and heal.
  • You help the animals and do them no harm.
  • Each card contains new animals and obstacles.
  • Upgrade your levels for things like web and climbing levels.
  • Find treasure chests, hidden coins, items and other collectibles to help you.
  • New enemies, obstacles and webs to interact with in each map.
  • Defeat the Mad Scientist.
  • Completion seekers can try to heal any animal in the game.
  • A relaxing and charming game for players of all ages.

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