Hashed and Polygon invest in Delabs Games

Delabs Games – Rumble Racing Star

Delabs Gamesa Web3 game studio founded by South Korean 4:33 Creative Labhas just completed a financing round from 4.7 million dollars led by Hashed Ventures.

Launched by Seoul-based video game developer 4:33 Creative Lab, Delabs Games focuses on the design of games powered by Web3 technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

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On Tuesday, startup announced to have raised 4.7 million dollars from Hashed Ventures, The Spartan GroupPlanetarium Labs, Merit Circle and Polygon Labs.

Today’s fundraising demonstrates that Web3 technology is not just here to stay, but poised to revolutionize the gaming industry by giving gamers true digital ownership and control over their in-game assets,” proclaimed Delabs Games boss Joonmo Kwon in a statement.

The catalog of Delabs Games currently has 3 games in development on Polygon with Space Frontier, Metabolts and Rumble Racing Stara kind of Mario Kart Web3 in which players can use a NFT PFP, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, as a character. The latter is due for release later this year.

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“We greatly appreciate the attempt to integrate a experienced development team who have created high-quality games in the traditional gaming industry with distinctive IPs in the ecosystem Web3 “commented Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO of Hashed Ventures.

Among the games developed by 4:33 CreativeAmong these are Eroica, World Baseball Stars, Battle Boom and Lost Kingdom.

Despite crypto wintera number of companies specializing in Web3 gaming are still managing to raise funds.

Recently, Web3 game studios Xterio, Kandle, Mythical Games and Pixion also announced financing rounds.

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