Spectacular shark videos made with GeForce RTX GPUs – That’s Gaming

Alessandro Mastronardi, a senior artist and programmer at BBC Studios, turns up this week Inside the NVIDIA Studio to highlight its blood-curdling shark videos and renders using GeForce RTX GPUs and NVIDIA Omniverse.

“Simply put, his GeForce RTX GPUs the most reliable, best-performing, advanced graphics cards any 3D professional can use,” Mastronardi said. After using ZBrush to model all his characters and exporting them to Blender, his two GeForce RTX 3090 Ti 24GB GPUs all the heavy lifting. Blender Cycles RTX-accelerated AI-powered OptiX ray tracing in the viewport provides interactive, photorealistic rendering for modeling and animation.

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To better inspect his shark-tacular scenes, Mastronardi uses NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for connecting and building custom 3D tools and applications with Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD). For future projects, Mastronardi plans to include the NVIDIA Broadcast app from the NVIDIA Studio suite of AI-powered tools to use for a new 3D wildlife art lecture series – coming soon!

Also, be sure to use the NVIDIA Studio#StartToFinish community challenge currently taking place! The challenge runs until the end of August, so be sure to use the hashtag to submit a screenshot of a favorite project with its beginning and ending stages for a chance to be mentioned on the social channels @NVIDIAStudio and @NVIDIAOmniverse.

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Visit the Inside the NVIDIA Studio blog this week to learn more about Mastronardi’s work and the power of Omniverse.

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