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Meridiem Games and publisher Destructive Creation are pleased to announce that the special boxed Cult Edition of the first-person horror game Shame Legacy is now available for PlayStation 5 in European specialty stores. Shame Legacy, developed by Fairyship Games and Revenant Games, takes players on a terrifying journey set in a 19th-century cult-occupied village where the population has a very different idea of what an evening’s entertainment should be. . .

Meridiem Games is handling the design, production and distribution of the special boxed Shame Legacy – The Cult Edition, and has created a chilling offering for fans to collect, including a special collector’s case with a unique design and a postcard featuring metal art. .

Shame Legacy is a first-person survival-horror set in a 19th-century abandoned cult village. You must try to survive by using stealth and escape mechanisms, solving puzzles and uncovering your connection to the mysterious situation you find yourself in. Meanwhile, an eerie danger looms …

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Waking up confused in the equivalent of a 19th-century anger management convention, you soon realize that: 1, they are hunting, and 2, you are the prey they are hunting.

Your family’s legacy seems to have caught up with you, but perhaps not in the way you would expect. Apparently, receiving an inheritance does not always mean beautiful hunts.

If you hope to survive and unravel the mystery, you must move silently and avoid any contact. The villagers are looking for you everywhere, and they’ll catch you damn quick if they see or hear you….

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Your mental ability comes in handy when solving puzzles. So does your walking stick, which also serves as a defensive weapon to fend off attacking villagers. A very eco-friendly approach to maximize assets.

Being detected need not be the end of the world if you are quick enough and can control your nerves. The village doctor, having just woken up, would have some hard things to say about your state of health and stress resistance. If you find that you are close to the edge, there is always relief to be found. Disclaimer: this is not a drug advertisement.

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