Popular Reddit app Apollo has to close

Apollo will be much too expensive for the developer in the future.  (Image: stock.adobe.com - ink drop)

Apollo will be much too expensive for the developer in the future. (Image: stock.adobe.com – ink drop)

Sad news for all fans of the popular iOS app Apollo: Developer Christian Selig recently announced that the app will be discontinued due to Reddit’s new API pricing. Thus, on June 30th, one of the most popular third-party apps for Reddit will go out of business.

According to Selig, the decision to shut down Apollo can no longer be avoided due to Reddit’s recent actions and decisions. In a lengthy post on Reddit, Selig explained that Reddit’s current plans for API pricing would mean that he’s more than $20 million a year would have to pay to run the app.

These enormously increased costs of the previously free API make it economically impossible to continue Apollo within the 30-day period.

We already reported to you a few days ago that it could come to this:

Dispute between Selig and Reddit

Selig also expressed dissatisfaction with Reddit’s claim that Apollo is “less efficient” than other apps. He stressed that Apollo uses only a fraction of the API rates Reddit claims, and Reddit subjects the data to unfair representations.

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To prove his innocence, Selig released part of an audio recording of a conversation he had with a Reddit contributor. From this recording it seems that Selig never blackmailed Reddit. The Apollo developer claims that Reddit CEO Steve Huffman falsely accused him of threatening the company.

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When asked, Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt declined to comment, but said the company will be releasing more information on the API updates (via The Verge).

Additionally, Reddit is planning an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with CEO Steve Huffman today (June 9, 2023) that will cover the latest changes to the APIs, accessibility, and third-party mod bots and mod tools.

Protest against Reddit’s policy

Numerous major Reddit communities, including r/gaming, r/Music, r/Pics, r/todayilearned, r/art, r/DIY, r/EarthPorn, r/metalcore, and many more, are opposing the API pricing changes protest. On June 12th they want to close their sub-forums and block new posts.

The mood of Reddit users under Selig’s post ranges from disappointment to outright anger. Some claim that they will likely be significantly less on Reddit in the future. For example, the user u/glenn1812 writes:

Others even get a little sentimental. u/SkyGuy182 for example:

»Apollo is an absolutely amazing app that I use to rate all other iOS apps. I will truly miss this app, the people who love it, and Christian’s commitment to the community. My Reddit usage will almost certainly die along with Apollo.

I pour one out for you, u/iamthatis. Thank you for such an incredible app. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little right now.”

Despite Reddit’s announcement of an exemption for makers of accessible apps, there doesn’t seem to be anything in place to help Apollo survive.

Selig will delete the Apollo API tokens on the evening of June 30th. Until then, the app should work as usual. Apollo subscribers can expect a prorated refund for the remaining term of their subscription over the next few weeks.

Do you use Apollo or other third-party apps for Reddit? Will your usage behavior change if the app is no longer available? Tell us in the comments!

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