Some WhatsApp users have received a long-awaited feature

WhatsApp is preparing a feature that many users have been waiting for, and for some of them it has become reality. Some of the people enrolled in the Beta program can hide the fact that they are online.

New menus appear in WhatsApp version for Android. In settings, users can customize in detail who sees whether or not they are online and when they last used the app. The path to follow is: Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen and online. In the last section, users can select: everyone, my contacts, my contacts (except selected ones) and nobody.

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Two other features designed to protect users’ online privacy and confidentiality, to be implemented by WhatsApp, are: silent exit from groups (without other members being informed) and blocking screenshots for media files sent for one-time viewing.

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Those who decide to use WhatsApp’s new feature won’t see whether other users are online or not.

No word yet on when the Last Seen menu changes will be available for the stable version of the app.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app, with over 2 billion active users worldwide.

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Source: Statista

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