Solana integrates ChatGPT and promotes AI blockchain uses

Solana launches his ChatGPT plug-in forinteract with its L1 blockchain. In particular, the solution can be used to buy from NFT or transfer from tokens.

Synergies are obviously possible between innovative technologies. Blockchain, for example, can benefit from advances made in the field ofartificial intelligence.

Solana Labs is currently experimenting withGenerative AI through developments around ChatGPT. At the end of April, the creation of a ChatGPT plugin to enable users to interact with the Solana network.

ChatGPT to facilitate interaction with Solana

And the Solana Foundation announced on Tuesday the official release of pluginand was delighted with this first in the field ofartificial intelligence for a layer 1 blockchain. But what about the uses of ChatGPT applied to a blockchain ecosystem? The research and data analysis.

The plugin can be used to buy NFTs, transfer tokens, inspect transactions, interpret public accounts data and find collections of NFTs by floor price,” the foundation details.

“This Solana Labs integration serves as a reference to show how theAI can make it easier to understand Solana’s data and protocols, or surface data on Solana’s IT infrastructure and DeFi projects,” she also judges.

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AI projects applied to Solana and its ecosystem

In the field of artificial intelligence, Solana doesn’t stop at this demonstrator and the plugin based on OpenAI technology. Its foundation has also launched a accelerator program with students.

This resulted in hundreds of proposals and contributions. Solana’s AI cohort has already produced several concrete projects, including a chatbot ” ask Solana U “. Answering questions about Solana’s development, it also helps to search the blockchain body of literature.

The contributors have also developed ” Solana Audits “, an AI application designed to enhance the security of Solana-based programs. The wider ecosystem has launched AI initiatives, reports the foundation.

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They include Hivemapper with AI Trainers, Context for the creation of chatbots “focused on Solana and more than 30 projects in the Solana ecosystem”, or again MarginFicreator of the Omni chatbot, capable of answering questions on multiple projects.

10M to encourage AI use cases

This dynamic encourages the Solana Foundation to accelerate. To this end, it is stepping up its strategic grants for AI projects. The initial $1 million increases to $10 million. More than 50 applications were received. The ambition of this program :

Encourage the ecosystem to explore new use cases for machine learning models interacting with Solana protocols in a safe and interpretable way.”

For Solana’s promoters, who have been losing ground since the bear market and FTX’s bankruptcy, artificial intelligence also appears as a potential growth lever.

Although still in its infancy, Solana has become the center of a wave of AI-related activity on the web3″, the Foundation already claims.

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