Solana blockchain network to shut down this weekend

Solana underwent a new breakdown this weekend. The blockchain has been at a standstill for almost 20 hours. Two restarts were necessary.

On Saturday night, the main Solana network experienced a major performance degradationpushing the validators to proceed to a first restart of the blockchain.

However, the operation did not resolve the situation and, after analysis, the validators then attempted to restart the network again with a older version (v1.13.6). Version 14 was recently deployed and could potentially be responsible for the problem.

An initial reboot attempt was aborted to allow time for further analysis of the data and to ensure that no user transactions would be affected. After further analysis, the community collectively restarted the network using an earlier slot than previously selected. No confirmed user transactions were reversed or impacted,” Solana explained in a Monday morning post.

The cause of the breakdown is, for the moment, still unknown and the developers of the blockchain are currently trying to shed light on what really happened.

Last year, the network Solana has suffered several breakdowns. The last one was in the month ofOctober 2022. The network was down for about 6 hours. This time, the failure lasted 18 hours and 50 minutes.

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