Snoop Dogg doesn’t really quit smoking after all -.

Snoop Dogg shocked the world a few days ago when he announced he was quitting smoking. The rapper is perhaps the most prolific pot smoker in the world. If you cut that man, he would bleed smoke, and yet it all seemed rather sincere.

Snoop asked for privacy after talking to his family about quitting smoking, and it seemed the 52-year-old was putting down an old habit. But he has since revealed that it was all part of a PR stunt and that he only gives up smoke for his stove.

Instead, he advertises a SoloStove, a device that allows you to cook outside without getting smoke in your eyes and the smell of it on your clothes. Many suspected that Snoop didn’t quit smoking when he first announced it, but some believed it made sense. Either way, now we know he only made the announcement for a brand deal, and it’s unlikely we’ll be fooled again, Mr. Dogg.

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Snoop Dogg isn't really quitting smoking after all

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