Snapchat launches its own AI chatbot

After the great success of ChatGPT, more and more companies are trying to bring their own AI solutions to the market. The social media platform Snapchat has an AI chatbot called My AI presented. Unlike ChatGPT, this does not support users at work, but is intended to serve as an interaction partner.

That’s how you use My AI

To use My AI, you need to download the Snapchat app. My AI appears in the app above your friends’ chats. To start communication with the chatbot, open the chat with My AI and write a message.

My AI then tries to formulate a suitable answer to your question. Unlike ChatGPT, however, you cannot use My AI to have homework written for you. My AI also refuses to communicate about political issues. Swear words and sexual content are also not allowed.

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My AI is designed to help you with creative content, such as writing a haiku.

My AI is designed to help you with creative content, such as writing a haiku.

Although My AI uses the same model as ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 is less flexible due to the limitations. But that’s not the goal of My AI either. Instead of helping you with your work, My AI is intended to simulate a similar communication as with your friends.

In the future, people should talk to AI every day

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, states the goal of My AI as follows:

“The big idea is that not only are we talking to our friends and family every day, but we’re also talking to AI every day,” he says. “And that’s something we’re well positioned to do as a messaging service.”

Since Snapchat is used primarily by young people, My AI is not entirely free of criticism. Some believe that having an emotional and long-term relationship with a chatbot can have negative consequences.

My AI uses a 3D avatar as an image, reminiscent of an alien.

My AI uses a 3D avatar as an image, reminiscent of an alien.

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Snapchat is not the first provider of an AI-controlled, virtual communication partner. The Replica app also offers chats with a chatbot that gradually learns more about its communication partner and can therefore respond better.

First time only for Snapchat Plus

My AI will initially only be available to Snapchat Plus subscribers. The service costs 4.49 euros per month and offers you several advantages that you only benefit from as a premium subscriber.

Among other things, you can set a custom timer of up to one week for your stories. You can also set special notification sounds and use Snapchat on the web. Snapchat is not ad-free even with the premium subscription.

Whether you’re using the AI ​​model behind ChatGPT via Snapchat’s new AI chatbot My AI, via the new Bing search, or via ChatGPT itself, you should be wary of the answers: why you shouldn’t trust ChatGPT further than a made-up one can throw book.

What do you think of MyAI? Do you think the AI ​​chatbot can help Snapchat users or are you worried that many Snapchat users will form relationships with the chatbot? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments.

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