Snakes on a Plane became eerily real for South African pilot –

Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in some truly iconic films over the years. From the Marvel world, to Quentin Tarantino epics, to the brilliant Snakes on a Plane, the actor has given some timeless performances. But why are we bringing this up, you ask? Because a South African pilot was briefly allowed to walk in Jackson’s shoes last week, when he had to make an emergency landing after claiming a deadly Cape cobra had slipped over his back and gotten under his seat.

After completing the landing, the pilot’s plane was searched but found no sign of the venomous snake, raising the question of whether the snake was ever present.

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Regardless, Rudolph Erasmus, the pilot who reported the snake, has shared his story of how he approached the landing of his plane while in danger of being bitten by the cobra. According to the Sky News report, we are told that he wrapped his legs with a blanket and winter coat and then kept a fire extinguisher, insect repellent and golf club handy in case the snake decided to make a second appearance.

Engineers have since searched the plane for two days and found no sign of the cobra, something Erasmus pointed out by saying: “I hope it can go somewhere, just not my plane.”

Snakes on a Plane became eerily real for South African pilot

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