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Today, more players can join the wonderful world of FurryFury: Smash & Roll because it is now available on the Nintendo Switch. This unobtrusive game hides a lot of playability, so you can enjoy it with your friends and people from all over the world. Work together and fight to unleash the full potential of dynamic arena combat, but remember that multiplayer is not the only option.

In FurryFury: Smash & Roll, players take control of small beasts. These grotesque monsters love to fight and battle in arenas, where vicious rolling charges are their deadly weapons. It may sound ridiculous, but with every roll comes a powerful attack that can crush your opponent. Each character has their own unique skills and attributes, which combined with various arenas make each game a different experience.

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The idea behind FurryFury: Smash & Roll gameplay is fresh and unique, which is why it is difficult to attribute the game to any particular genre. It is a turn-based brawler in which proper tactics are essential, and the course of the battles might remind you of puzzle games. This unusual combination makes an attractive proposition for players looking for something different. The creator – Marcin “Demibug” Michalski, and the team from the Cosmic Dreams studio have prepared a game that is surprisingly addictive in the best sense of the word. Battles are dynamic and fast, and therefore it is very difficult to stop playing – just one more time.

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