Smartphones of the moment, according to Bing Chat. AI bot gives good but flawed recommendations

Bing’s new artificial intelligence chatbot, based on OpenAI technology, has the potential to revolutionise online search. The service offers decent advice when it comes to technology. Inspired by another article, in which we asked Bing Chat which are the best gaming peripherals you can buy right now, we repeated the experiment by asking the bot which are the best smartphones of the moment.

We used the service’s Creative mode because it gives the most original and surprising answers.

The three best smartphones of 2023 are, according to Bing Chat:

The first recommendation offered is Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Bing Chat notes that this is the best Android smartphone and, according to respectable sources (TechRadar and Tom’s Guide), the best smartphone on the market. The chatbot notes that the phone has an “amazing” display, quad-camera system with 200 MP main sensor, “huge” 5,000 mAh battery and S Pen stylus. However, Bing Chat warns that Samsung’s device is very expensive, with a starting price of $1,300.

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The second recommendation doesn’t surprise, either. Microsoft’s chatbot recommends iPhone 14 Pro Max, “best iPhone”. The service states that, according to sources, this is the smartphone with the best camera on the market. We learn, from the source cited, that the device has a “gorgeous” 6.7″ screen, a very fast A15 Bionic processor (there’s a mistake here; the processor in this iPhone model is A16 Bionic) and Face ID secure unlock system. Bing Chat tells us that this model is also very expensive, with prices starting at $1,100.

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The third recommendation is rather surprising. Bing Chat recommends Google Pixel 6a, which he says is the best budget smartphone. We’re informed that the phone has a “decent” Snapdragon 778G processor (again wrong information; the processor is Google Tensor GS 101), a camera system you can rely on, with 12.2 MP main sensor and 16 MP ultrawide (correct is 12 MP utrawide), and a “solid” 4,680 mAh battery (correct capacity is 4,410 mAh). Chatbot points out that the Pixel 6a comes with unique features like Call Screen or Now Playing.

As we can see, the Bing Chat recommendations are interesting and useful, but the answers include quite a few mistakes. That’s why it will be a while before these services can replace traditional search engines like Google Search.

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