Seven South Korean Air Force personnel charged in suicide of sexually abused female servicemember

South Korean prosecutors have charged seven South Korean Air Force workers Tuesday in connection with the suicide of a female serviceman who had been sexually abused.

After 100 days of investigation, special prosecutor Ahn Mi Young has concluded that the defendants, now charged with covering up the case or defaming the victim, failed to handle the case, thereby aggravating the situation of 23-year-old Lee Ye Ram, an Air Force sergeant.

Lee suffered abuse at the hands of a superior two months before taking his own life in May 2021, according to reports from Yonhap news agency. The man was sentenced to nine years in prison, although the sentence was later reduced to seven years in prison.

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Family and relatives insist that the young woman decided to commit suicide as her case was not being properly addressed. The prosecution now believes that those involved failed to provide the necessary protection for Lee.

“I hope that the military culture that leads to neglecting the pain suffered by victims of sexual abuse will change,” said Ahn, who has vowed to bring those responsible to justice.

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