Sebastian Vettel will drive classic Formula One cars with renewable fuels at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed –

Although Sebastian Vettel will not be behind the wheel of a Formula One car this year, the four-time champion will take a pair of classic F1 cars he owns to the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed this year after his retirement at the end of the season. But Vettel will not only drive these cars, he will also use them as an example of what eco-friendly fuels can do in this modern era of motorsports, as he will run exclusively on renewable fuels.

As noted in a blog post, Vettel will bring Nigel Mansell’s Williams FW14B and Aryton Senna’s McLaren MP4 / 8 to the festival, driving both on renewable fuels. There is no word on which fuels he will use, but they should be much better for the environment than what is used elsewhere in motorsports around the world.

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“It’s great to come back to Goodwood after all these years. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of my most memorable cars that will be running on renewable fuel this weekend,” Vettel said. “I am a passionate racer and it is important to me that we continue to enjoy driving iconic race cars today and in the future, but that we do so responsibly.”

This year’s Festival of Speed will be held between July 13 and July 16, with Vettel appearing only in the weekend slots.

Sebastian Vettel drives classic Formula One cars with renewable fuels at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed

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