Screen time – March 2024 –

You better be prepared, because March 2024 is a big one. The coming month is absolutely packed with exciting blockbuster movies debuting in theaters, promising original films on streamers and a few anticipated TV series making their arrival as well. Unlike a few months earlier, March brings something to the table almost daily, so brace yourself and prepare for a month to remember.

But before we get into this new installment of our Screen Time series, a quick reminder: we based our picks on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check locally for accurate listings and information.

Dune: Part Two – March 1

The second chapter in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi saga takes us back to the desert planet of Arrakis. In this sequel to the 2021 epic, Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides continues to adapt to life amidst the Fremen people, exploring how he rises through the ranks and unites the population, with the goal of overcoming and defeating the cruel Baron Harkonnen who currently holds stewardship of the vital planet. With a star-studded cast, Dune: Part Two looks set to be one of the biggest films of the month.

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Spaceman [Netflix] – March 1

Adam Sandler and Netflix team up again to tell the story of an astronaut who must explore Venus, but at the expense of many of his own personal relationships. This film delves into the emotional tension of space exploration and sees Sandler’s Jakub searching for solitude while discussing life’s biggest questions with an arachnid creature from the beginning of time, voiced by Paul Dano.

Lisa Frankenstein – March 1

You know Mary Shelley’s iconic story, but not in this way. Lisa Frankenstein is a story about a teenage girl who must learn to live next to the reanimated corpse of her biggest crush. Overflowing with teenage angst and silly romance, this film is a bizarre and lighter version of an iconic literary work known for its bleakness and dark tone.

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The Gentlemen [Netflix] – March 7

Guy Ritchie is expanding the crime universe he first launched in 2019 with this new series for Netflix. The Gentlemen, although it shares the same name as the previous film, features a new cast of criminals as they try to grow and sustain a drug empire while avoiding the police, overcoming rival organizations and managing dwindling financial assets. If you like Ritchie’s distinctive sound, you will undoubtedly find much to love here as well.

Ricky Stanicky [Prime Video] – March 7

Zac Efron directs this comic film about a bunch of guys who have to find someone to portray a fake boyfriend they made up to get away from their wives and girlfriends after their significant others begin to suspect it as a ruse. Ricky Stanicky is both the name of this fake persona and the title of the film in which John Cena brings this caricature of a man to life.

Imaginary – March 8

It’s rare to get pure horror films in March, but that’s exactly what director Jeff Wadlow offers with Imaginary. In this film, a woman returns to her childhood home to discover that her imaginary friend is both far from happy that she left it behind in the first place, but also that it is a very, very real creature.

Screen time - March 2024

Damsel [Netflix] – March 8

Millie Bobby Brown stars in this epic Netflix fantasy film about an aspiring princess who, in order to repay an old debt, is thrown into a terrifying and deadly mountain to appease the bloodthirsty dragon that lurks. Damsel sees Brown’s Elodie prove more difficult to overcome than one might initially think, and sees her defying the odds and climbing the mountain in hopes of escaping.

Invincible – Season 2 Part 2 [Prime Video] – March 14

Amazon and Prime Video actually began this ongoing season of Invincible at the end of 2023, despite also deciding that it should be split into two parts with the second half dropping in early 2024. It is now time for just that, as in more Invincible episodes, Mark Grayson and the gang will continue to defend innocent people and protect planet Earth from threats both local and from far away.

X-Men ’97 [Disney+] – March 20

Marvel Studios’ Animation division returns to a fan favorite in March. X-Men ‘9 7 is the continuation of the animated series seen on TV screens in the 1990s, and sees several iconic heroes return to the fold, all in a similar art style to that original production. While it will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men ’97 will definitely be one to watch out for if you are an avid fan of the superhero brand.

Road House [Prime Video] – March 21

The latest in a series of remakes of iconic films, Road House sees Jake Gyllenhaal starring as an ex-MMA fighter turned bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, where he is tasked with protecting the bar from troublemakers. If you like gritty action and long for more ’80s-style content, Road House will probably be at the top of your list for March.

Arthur the King – March 22

A massive physical challenge and a canine companion that it’s hard not to love. That is essentially the premise of Arthur the King, an upcoming adventure film in which Mark Wahlberg leads a crew of endurance racers as they travel through the Dominican Republic with the help of a loyal stray dog named Arthur who joins them for their task.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – March 22

Who are you going to call? There is and has been only one answer to that question since the 1980s, when Bill Murray and co. introduced the world to the Ghostbusters. 40 years later, the gang is back in a 2021 sequel Afterlife, a film in which young and new Ghostbusters team up and try to save New York City from a deadly cold force that has turned summer into something far less pleasant.

Kung Fu Panda 4 – March 28

Jack Black is back in one of his most famous and beloved roles. Kung Fu Panda 4 sees the return of Po, as he will take on a new role as the spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace. However, before he can take on this new responsibility, Po must train a new Dragon Warrior while defeating a new powerful sorceress who can summon and embody the master villains of Po’s past.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – March 29

The (physically) biggest blockbuster of the month takes us back to the MonsterVerse and sees Godzilla and King Kong settle their differences and work together to defeat a powerful and dangerous ape-like enemy of Hollow Earth. The New Empire brings Skar King to cinemas, while also introducing us to the youthful Suko, as well as an array of new human characters, and delivering over-the-top and exciting action found only in this cinematic universe.

There we have it! Another month is in the books. Don’t forget to check back in a few weeks to see what April 2024 has in store for movie and TV fans.

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