Scandal in a League of Legends Wild Rift champion trailer

You’re reading that right, a few days ago Riot Games received a avalanche of criticism for the alleged use of AI. in a video of one of its commercials. The Publisher has stated that the dubbing problems were not due to the use of AI, but to the lack of “self-direction” given to the voice actor.

Going into more detail, the drama started a few days ago, when the account of League of Legends Wild Rift posted a video announcement. centered on the champion of the video game Sivirbecause the voice-over was too “serious” and the character’s name was mispronounced, probably due to the use of AI.

In view of this event, industry referents began to share their opinions on the matter, such as. Ashley Kangco-founder of Korizon Esports, who commented that they could have hired any of the iconic and talented voices working on Wild Rift or League of Legends for dubbing; or Kevin Dhirfounder and ceo of Galint Gaming, in which he wondered how they let this glitch and mispronunciation of the champion’s name slip through the use of AI.

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Riot, has been quick to respond and has published a post, mentioning the above, and providing an update on the situation.

Hi everyone, a few days ago we posted a tutorial video of Sivir to show it to our players. In the video, we didn’t give proper directions to our voice actor, which led to the mispronunciation of Sivir’s name. This is our fault, and we will make sure that things like this don’t slip through in the future.

Riot Games

As was previously the case with the NFTs, the community has been opposed to the idea of using AI in video gaming. Developers, however, have begun to embrace the emerging technology. Among the studios using AI in their video games are Ubisoft, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Square Enix, Roblox and NCSoft.

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