Chinese company announces Dasung Link, a secondary E-Ink display for smartphones

Dasung Link is a new device that hopes to bring E-Ink technology to smartphones. The Chinese company behind it isn’t, like other companies in the past, trying to convince users to buy another smartphone with an E-Ink screen, but wants to offer users a kind of secondary screen based on the technology that can connect to the phone you already have.

Dasung Link wants to turn any smartphone into an e-reader

Basically, Dasung Link is just an external display for your phone that uses E-Ink technology to display content in a more paper-like format. So its creators hope users will choose such a device to read books or comics without straining their eyes as much as on a traditional screen device.

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Connectivity is wireless or wired, and Dasung Link comes in three flavors. There’s a wireless variant for Apple phones, a wireless variant for Android phones, and a more compact, thinner-bodied variant that connects via a USB-C cable to your phone. Of course, the USB-C variant also has longer battery life.

Basically, you can do anything on the secondary screen like you would on a regular phone, but E-Ink technology isn’t as fluid as LCD or OLED, nor is it suitable for playing animated content. So for videos and games, you’ll most likely still be using your phone. Dasung Link includes a “turbo” mode, which improves the refresh rate, but E-Ink’s limitations on previous frame retention remain.

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This device eliminates the need to buy a separate device that stores only books or documents, and makes it possible to read websites in a format closer to that of paper newspapers. However, the downside is that it does not eliminate the need to carry another separate device in your pocket or bag to load and take up extra space. No price or release date for this accessory has been announced at this time.

source: Gizmodo

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