Samsung promises a new update to improve cameras on the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series offers some of the best performing cameras on smartphones right now, but there’s always room for improvement. Samsung has announced that it will be bringing new software updates to these devices that will add some new features, but also improve some of the existing photo and video capture features. So if you have an S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra, you might get a camera “upgrade” for free.

Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra will get a free camera upgrade

Samsung has announced for the South Korean market, momentarily, that it will release a new update for its three flagships focused on camera improvements. The first feature all three devices are getting is 3x Hyperlapse, which allows for hyperlapse video recording using the 3x zoom camera. Previously, this feature was only available on Ultra Wide and Wide.

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Next, the camera will allow you to scan QR codes over a larger area and at higher speed, while you’ll be able to “read” QR codes even in already saved documents or photos, not just when the camera is active. What’s more, if you cancel scanning a QR code, you won’t have to reset the app to try scanning again, with Samsung fixing the bug that required this action.

The improvements that most users will appreciate, however, are in the “traditional” shooting and filming area. For example, HDR photo performance is improved, according to Samsung, AI processing is faster in photo, video and night modes, while stabilisation in movies will be significantly improved. In night mode in particular, Samsung says it will improve colours in dark areas.

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Previously, Samsung improved detail capture on the ultra-wide camera, and now similar improvements will come to the main and zoom cameras on the Galaxy S22 series.

It’s not yet clear when this update will come to the rest of the world. We do know that Samsung is rolling out updates with priority in South Korea before offering them internationally.

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