Samsung is correcting the list of specifications for Galaxy S22 and S22 +. The screens are not LTPO

It appears that the initial announcement of the Galaxy S22 models contained an error in the technical specifications of the displays for the “standard” and “plus” models. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra does have an LTPO screen, which can lower the refresh rate by up to 1 Hz for certain usage situations, the other two variants can’t do that, as they have LTPS screens. The company corrected the error in the official listings and in the press release published on its website.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S22 and S22 + models with other screen capabilities than they actually offer

Initially, Samsung claimed that the Galaxy S22 and S22 + models benefit from LTPO screens with a refresh rate varying between 10 and 120 Hz. This capability would have been identical to what the company already offered on past Ultra models, such as the Note20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. However, it seems that the screens on the S22 and S22 + can allow various stages of screen refresh, but not in a completely dynamic way.

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Thus, the two phones are now listed online with screens that allow refresh rates from 48 to 120 Hz. However, this only means that the screen can be set according to applications at 48, 60 or 120 Hz, and the screen cannot reduce the dynamic refresh rate between these thresholds. This means that the screen will have a higher power consumption, especially when mostly static images appear on the screen.

This information, along with the fact that the Galaxy S22 “standard” benefits from a smaller battery than last year’s S21, could suggest that the new phone could offer a reduced autonomy. At this time we cannot confirm whether or not the Galaxy S22 has less battery life than last year’s S21, as they have not yet been tested.

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source: Android Authority

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