Samsung has unveiled the “Home of the Future” you can have today

Every new year is marked in the tech world by CES, the Las Vegas tech trade show that puts the biggest innovations on the biggest stage, often here proposing technologies we’re not going to see in our homes for years. But at CES, Samsung showcased the “Home of the Future” that we can have today, with a range of electronics and home appliances designed specifically to take customers’ quality of life to the next level. Each offers wireless connectivity and communication with other products in one way or another, for a limitless user experience. At the heart of the experiences is SmartThings, the South Korean company’s smart home system that makes all the devices in the home work in harmony.

Bespoke Infinite Line: simplicity and connectivity in the kitchen

The vision for the “future” of Samsung homes starts in the kitchen, with the Bespoke Infinite Line series. This is a range of modularly designed refrigeration solutions that can be adapted to the needs of each customer. It includes a fridge, a freezer and a special wine fridge, all of similar size and which can be matched side by side to form a cohesive design in any space. The exterior benefits from a timeless design and the finishes are made from quality materials such as aluminium.

Bespone Infinite Line_1

Cooling performance is also ensured by Black Metal Cooling technology, which helps compensate for heat loss, and convenience in use is provided by Auto Open Door, an area on the side of the refrigerator that opens the door with a single touch. Interior lighting is provided by Tunnel Lighting technology, which ensures you can see each individual food item. The fridge also integrates a water filtration system that can also be equipped with an infuser for quick chilling of fruity water, and a dedicated machine allows you to make ice cubes or spheres.

The Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator also integrates Flex Pantry, a drawer that can be configured independently of the main compartment. The Infinite Line Wine Fridge can also be configured with three different temperature zones to ensure that each type of wine is kept in optimal conditions. Through SmartThings, those using the wine fridge have access to the Sommelier at Home feature, which provides information on proper wine storage and recommendations for pairing wines with appropriate dishes.

In addition, Samsung offers a range of customisation options for the Bespoke Infinite Line series, allowing customers to choose between different colours and finishes to perfectly match their home décor. Through SmartThings Energy, customers can monitor their energy consumption and receive suggestions for reducing their carbon footprint. These features, along with modern design and cooling performance, make the Bespoke Infinite Line a great choice for a modern home.

Bespoke Home offers two innovative concepts: TV in the fridge and camera in the oven

But Samsung also offers other types of fridges in the Bespoke Home range, such as the 4-Door Flex, equipped with Family Hub+, a screen as big as a TV. With a four-door design and a 32″ Full HD screen on the front, this fridge allows users to intuitively interact with SmartThings devices, being able to monitor and control compatible appliances directly from the fridge door.

The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+ also offers entertainment services such as Samsung TV Plus with over 190 free channels and Google Photos integration, which turns the front of the refrigerator into a digital photo frame. In addition, the picture-in-picture feature allows users to watch their favorite TV shows while monitoring and controlling other appliances in the home.

The Bespoke Home range also includes Side-by-Side, a flat, minimalist design with a customisable glass or stainless steel front panel. Users have the option to choose from a wide range of colours and door finishes to match their fridge to their home décor. The stylish design of the fridge is complemented by the Auto Open Door option, which ensures easy opening at the touch of a button.

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Inside, the Bespoke Side-by-Side fridge features the latest in food storage and cooling technology. The Beverage Center compartment offers easy access to the water dispenser and water cup for naturally flavored or cold water at any time. Also, the Dual Auto Ice Maker option is always ready to chill users’ drinks with both ice cubes and ice flakes. Samsung has also launched the Bespoke-Top Mounted (with freezer on top) fridge combo, which is available in stylish colours and blends seamlessly into the modern kitchen.

Finally, Samsung’s Bespoke AI™ Oven combines modern design with innovative cooking technologies to prepare delicious, personalized meals. The AI Pro Cooking™ function monitors the cooking process via an indoor video camera. The oven automatically recognises the ingredients in the dishes and optimises the settings according to the cooking mode, temperature and recommended cooking time. In addition, you can use SmartThings to monitor the state of the food in real time via the camera, and it can even be used for streaming on social media platforms, which is useful for cooking content creators.

Integration with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health allows the oven to analyze users’ workout stats and diet goals to recommend a meal plan based on the ingredients they have at home. The Push To Open Door option complements the Bespoke AI™ oven’s modern design and replaces a traditional handle for a simpler, more discreet look. This smart oven offers a personalised cooking experience and facilitates energy savings by optimising compressor speed and consumption in the defrost programme.

Neo QLED, Micro LED and QD-OLED TVs bring the most vivid pictures into your home

From the kitchen, Samsung makes a stop in the living room, where the central device is the TV. For the year 2023, the “home of the future” offers customers a wide range of models with new technologies to suit all tastes. Those who are happy with Samsung’s premium TV offering can choose a new Neo QLED model with Quantum Mini LED technology, or they can choose a Micro LED model if they want larger screen sizes. Of course, those who prefer OLED screens with perfect shades of black can choose the QD-OLED (Quantum Dot OLED) models. Whichever model you choose, however, they’re all based on the same software experience and high-performance components.

The Neo QLED range offers 4K and 8K display options and integrates the Quantum Neural Processor with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling for lower resolution content. On top of that, we’re dealing with a new algorithm for backlighting, called Shape Adaptive Light Control, which prevents light around bright objects from “leaking” into dark areas. Real Depth Enhancer Pro also scans images to enhance detail in important areas of the image, improving the perception of ‘depth’. At the same time, Auto HDR Remastering has been improved, bringing better colour and brightness to SDR content.

But Micro LED TVs are for those who want limitless experiences. They come with a nearly invisible bezel and sizes between 50 and 140″ And they integrate many of the technologies on the Neo QLED, including smart home features, compatible with Zigbee and Thread devices, which can be added and controlled in the SmartThings app. You can even 3D map the devices based on their position in the home to get an overview of them.


Finally, Samsung QD-OLED models get a new member in 2023. In addition to the 50″ and 65″ models that were on offer last year, a 77″ model is coming. These offer 144Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification for gaming at variable refresh rate with HDR enabled, and the ability to display content at various aspect ratios, including 32:9. With 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, Samsung’s OLED TVs allow connection of all top gaming devices such as a PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S and X consoles with 4K display at 120 and 144 Hz. All settings are made from GameBar 3.0, which includes colour optimisations and special gaming features.

In addition to TVs, Samsung also unveiled new projector models, such as The Premiere 8K, an ultra-short-throw projector that can project images the size of a 150″ screen, or the second-generation Freestyle, which allows you to connect to a second projector for ultra-wide 21:9 images without manual adjustments.

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Samsung monitors offer the best gaming experiences, but also productivity at professional standards

Also in the display department, but now in the gaming and work-from-home area, Samsung’s home of the future offers some of the most impressive displays on the market. Starting with the Odyssey Neo G9, the world’s first “dual UDH” display, Samsung is empowering customers with an immersive gaming experience. The monitor has a 57″ diagonal, 7,680 x 2,160 pixel resolution in 32:9 aspect ratio and 1000R curvature. It uses Mini LED technology and is VESA Display HDR 1000 certified for high brightness. Because it offers 240Hz refresh rate, a DisplayPort 2.1 connection is required to reach the monitor’s full potential.

The Odyssey OLED G9 is instead a dual-QHD monitor with a 49″ diagonal, 1800R curvature and 32:9 aspect ratio. It’s based on QD-OLED technology, the same from the company’s TVs, providing near-infinite contrast of 1,000,000:1 and instant response time of 0.1ms. The monitor integrates a 240Hz panel and gets access to the Samsung Gaming Hub, being able to stream Xbox Game Streaming or NVIDIA GeForce Now without a connected PC. What’s more, video streaming services such as Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube are also natively functional.

For those who play less but work more from home, there’s the ViewFinity S9, a 27″ 5K (5,120 x 2,880 pixels) display with a panel calibrated for use in professional applications. It can be recalibrated at home via the Samsung Smart Calibration app with a smartphone. The matte screen limits reflections from surrounding lights, and the integrated USB-C and Thunderbolt 4-compatible hub enables high transfer speeds between connected accessories and PC, high resolutions and even powering a connected laptop. The monitor also integrates a SlimFit 4K webcam and enables native, computer-less conferencing on Google Meet via the integrated Samsung Smart TV Smart Hub.

Those who just need a monitor for entertainment and a few simpler work tasks can turn to the new Samsung Smart Monitor M8, which comes with a 32″ diagonal, 4K resolution and Smart Hub and SmartThings features. In fact, the new generation can even be flipped 90 degrees to display vertical videos (a feature also available on Neo QLED and The Frame TVs, in addition to the Sero model with motorised stand). Streaming and even gaming services are available on this model, and when in standby, the monitor can detect the already paired phone for displaying gallery photos. And this model includes a SlimFit webcam, but with 2K resolution.

SmartThings Station: the “brain” and backbone of the “home of the future”

All of these devices connect to the SmartThings Station, which becomes the “brain” of the smart home and the one that allows devices to control and connect to each other. This is a new small Hub and can be quickly set up using your smartphone. Incidentally, through SmartThings services, the station sends necessary notifications directly to the phone, while the phone can be used to add new devices just by scanning a QR code. The station also includes a button that can be programmed to control various routines in the home, configured through automation algorithms, such as turning on the TV, turning off lights and activating smart blinds for a movie profile, for example. Up to three such routines can be configured, one for each type of press: short, long or double.

In addition to SmartThings Station being able to detect items tracked via SmartTag or SmartTag+, making it easier to find your keys or wallet around the house as long as you track them this way, the device also acts as a power supply for your phone. The device integrates a 15W wireless charger, and all you have to do is place your phone on it to start charging. It can even provide an alert when your phone reaches 100%, ready to power another device such as your watch or a pair of headphones.

So the “home of the future” in Samsung’s vision is one equipped with appliances that work for you, even when you’re not near them, with Bespoke product lines where movies, TV shows and video games are seen at the highest quality on TVs and monitors equipped with the latest technology, and where everything is always connected for simple, intuitive and efficient user experiences. SmartThings technologies are particularly based on sustainability, with algorithms that can significantly reduce energy consumption.

The best part is that we don’t have to wait for the distant future to get our hands on all of these new products, as they are already available or will be in the next few months, as they are all part of Samsung’s 2023 lineup.

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