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Samsung has also given up an accessory in the Galaxy S22 case


Samsung decided last year to follow the direction that Apple started in 2020 and also remove the accessories from the packages of its premium range phones. If before the South Korean manufacturer offered plug adapter, headphones, OTC plug for connecting USB accessories and even spare for the tips of the S-Pen stylus, starting with S21, the company includes only a USB cable and a SIM card key. From the Galaxy S22, however, it seems that he has given up another detail, which will probably disappoint fans even more.

Galaxy S22 phones come without screen protectors

Since the most important accessories have already been removed, Samsung is left with few things to give up. Thus, the last “bonus” he offered was a plastic protective film, applied from the factory over the glass that protects the screen. However, starting with the Galaxy S22, the company no longer offers such an included accessory. Those who want to protect their phones from scratches will have to buy a separate foil.

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Even though we haven’t received a Galaxy S22 review yet, we can confirm based on the models we saw in the pre-launch presentation that none of the test phones had foils applied to the screen. We also talked to customers who have already received the phones based on pre-orders from stores in Romania, and at least the Galaxy S22 Ultra does not come with a foil on the screen.

Given that the S22 Ultra’s endurance test is the lightest scratched model, the lack of a foil on the phone’s screen could be considered a disadvantage, especially when you weigh its price.

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Samsung believes that “Armor Aluminum”, the new durable metal from which the frame around the screen is made, and Gorilla Glass Victus + are enough to avoid most accidents and scratches. However, the price of a plastic film is not exactly high. The new phones come at the same prices we saw last year on the S21 series, but at least in the case of the S22 Ultra, it comes with less RAM and no foil.

source: wccftech

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