Samsung announces electric oven equipped with camera, capable of livestreaming

Samsung is one of the most innovative appliance manufacturers, sometimes adding smart features to products you didn’t know could benefit from them. One of these is the new Bespoke AI Oven, an internet-connected electric oven that integrates a video camera, enabling some new capabilities that no other similar product offers.

The camera inside the Bespoke Electric Oven has more features

Of course, the camera can provide a live feed of the food in the oven, and you can check its status remotely from the SmartThings app. But the camera is equipped with AI algorithms, so it can detect cooked dishes and suggest cooking schedules for them, or it can identify if there’s a risk of burning the food and send alerts to change the schedule or turn it off.

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You can also take photos or even livestream while cooking, with a camera watching the food, which will certainly be useful for content creators in the food preparation field.

While this is the most “unusual” appliance in Samsung’s new Bespoke series, the company is introducing other products in this category with smart features in 2023. One is the Bespoke Wall Mount Hood, a hood that can sync with a cooktop to adjust the level of ventilation provided. It also integrates an air quality sensor to provide statistics and tips on how to improve the ambient air in the kitchen.

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Samsung also launches a refrigerator with a 32″ built-in “TV”

Last but not least, the company also announced a new 4-door Family Hub+ refrigerator that integrates a 32″ screen on the front. The fridge is also a hub for SmartThings devices and allows multiple apps to run simultaneously on this screen. And this model includes an AI camera that can detect food in the fridge and thus automatically create shopping lists for products that are about to run out.

bespoke 4-door

The company also has several products that are a bit more “traditional”, even if they are still “smart” and connected, such as a Bespoke Side-by-Side refrigerator that has sensors on the doors to open automatically for when your hands are full.

These products are already available, or will be available in stores in the first half of 2023.

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