YouTube Music introduces new mood-based content filters

Already available in the smartphone app, YouTube Music is adding new smart filters to the web interface for selecting songs to listen to based on your current mood.

Applicable even to playlists shared by other users, the new option is designed to help those who want to listen to a specific type of music without nominating a specific artist or song. Available as early as 2020 in the dedicated smartphone app, the functionality should simplify the browsing and song discovery experience, including for users accessing the music service using their PC or laptop.

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Along with the new functionality, the web version of the YouTube Music service is also getting other changes to the interface. Users will discover five new easy-to-select listening modes: energize, workout, relax, commute and focus. Each button selected will customise the song suggestion displayed, but without losing sight of new songs that fall into that category. Of course, the option also remains available in conjunction with mood-based filters, ensuring that users without much inspiration at the moment can discover interesting songs to listen to.

Contributing to the desired ambience, the selection of the listening mode is done with the adjustment of the background image and colour palette for the interface.

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