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Russia says Nord Stream leak investigations will only be impartial if they are part of it


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The Russian permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasili Nebenzia, has defended this Friday that Russia must be part of any international investigation into the “sabotage” suffered by the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines that pretends to be impartial.

“Russia calls for a thorough investigation to determine the real causes of what happened,” Nebenzia said at the UN Security Council, Russian news agency TASS reported.

“We hope that you (Western countries in the Security Council) will refrain from engaging in Russophobic verbal games that defy common sense, similar to those you have used in connection with the Ukrainian strikes at the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant,” he added.

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He has further defended that “it is clear” that acts of sabotage of this great complexity and scale could not have been carried out by “ordinary terrorists.” “We see that these actions seek to damage gas pipelines as a deliberate act of sabotage against Russia’s crucial energy facilities,” he has asserted.

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