Russia prepares law to “regulate” the arrival of foreigners

The Russian government is already working on a law with which it wants to “regulate” the entry and exit of foreigners, as well as their residence on Russian territory, announced Friday the deputy chairman of the Security Council, Dimitri Medvedev.

The former Russian president explained that the status of foreigners is “an integral part of the security regime”, among other reasons because it helps to “prevent serious threats”, reports TASS news agency.

“We are working in a completely different context than a few years ago and it must be taken into account,” added Medvedev, who has announced a September meeting of the Security Council focused on migration issues.

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Russia has toughened its laws this year to combat what it calls “agents” in the service of foreign interests, as part of a battery of reforms it initiated following the launch in February of a military offensive in Ukraine.

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