Royal mourning for the death of Elizabeth II to continue until seven days after her funeral

Buckingham Palace stresses that “the date of the funeral will be confirmed in due course.”

Sep 9 () –

Buckingham Palace announced Friday the beginning of a period of mourning after the death Thursday of Elizabeth II that will last until seven days after the funeral of the monarch, without at the moment has transcended when it could take place.

“Following the death of Her Majesty the Queen, it is the wish of His Majesty the King that the period of mourning be observed from now until seven days after the Queen’s funeral. The date of the funeral will be confirmed in due course,” he said, before adding that this mourning “will be respected by members of the royal family, Royal Household staff and representatives of the Royal Household on official duties, as well as by troops on ceremonial duties.”

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He has also detailed that the flags at the royal residences were set at half-mast on Thursday and added that they will remain so until 8 a.m. (local time) the morning after the last day of the royal mourning. “The position of flags at half-mast at royal residences do not apply to the royal standard and the royal standard in Scotland when the king is in residence,” he added.

Separately, royal salvos were fired at Hyde Park and the Tower of London this Friday. “One shot for each of the years of the Queen’s life,” Buckingham Palace has pointed out through its statement, published on the official website of the British Royal Household.

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Regarding the royal residences, it has pointed out that they will remain closed “until after the Queen’s funeral”, while it has unveiled a series of instructions for people who want to leave floral offerings at the various royal residences on the occasion of the death of Elizabeth II.

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