Romanian police play in movies: when the series “People of the Law” with Romanian policemen appears

Antenna Entertainment, the company that owns AXN channels in the Central and Eastern Europe region, announces the first local production for Romania, part of its mission to provide unique content and original productions that focus on stories that need to be told.

People of the Law, a series that follows four teams from the Romanian Police who face interesting situations and intervene where needed.

The series will debut on 14 November and will air Monday to Friday at 6pm. Each episode will feature three different cases, from the moment the police receive the 112 call until the cases are solved. For special cases, the teams will cooperate with special police units such as the Crime Squad, Drug Squad and will rely on their complex logistics, from tracking equipment to helicopters and more.

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First local production

“The Central and Eastern European region is a priority for Antenna Entertainment and we aim to provide the highest quality entertainment for each territory. We know these markets very well and we also understand the needs of our local audiences. We see the potential in developing original productions tailored to each country and the region as a whole and we seek to meet the expectations of our viewers with different types of content. Romania is an important territory for our company and that is why we decided to start producing local content for the first time this year,” said Gergely Benda, General Manager Antenna Entertainment.

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“People of the Law is just the first step in our long-term strategy, which aims to position Antenna Entertainment as one of the new players in the local market for original productions. Our plans for the coming years include developing both scripted and reality content, adding more local flavor while maintaining our brand identity and positioning AXN as one of the leading TV channels with American and international crime and drama series that our local viewers and partners know and love,” he continued.

“Men of Law” is based on the international Karlsbridge format, Police in Action, which has been very well received in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Locally, the production is produced by Paprika Studios Romania and enjoys a partnership with the Romanian Police.

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