ROG Phone 6 gets a special edition with Diablo Immortal

ROG Phone 6, one of the most powerful phones currently available, but also one of the easiest to damage accidentally, or intentionally, is now shipping in a new special edition. ASUS has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to bring a Diablo Immortal edition of the gaming phone to market. This isn’t the first Diablo-branded smartphone though, with Samsung offering a similar model a few months ago.

ASUS and Blizzard announced a limited edition ROG Phone 6

The new ROG Phone 6 is decorated with a special glass cover on the back. Thus, the phone not only comes with themed accessories, but with a completely different case than the original model. A themed image and the ROG and Diablo Immortal logos can be seen on the back, framed in the illuminated area on the back of the phone. The software is also decorated with game-inspired icons, animations, sounds and backgrounds.

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Included in the phone box is an official ROG Phone 6 case, a game map, a video game-inspired SIM card key, and a flashlight that reveals a secret pattern on the phone’s case.

ASUS will sell the ROG Phone in the Diablo Immortal edition on its official website and some partner stores. It’s unclear how much the phone will cost, however, or if it will arrive in Romania. Other special editions of the ROG Phone have also arrived in our country, such as the one with Batman, so there’s a chance we’ll see it in local stores.

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However, the price will probably be higher than the standard bundle, since it’s a limited edition of an already quite expensive phone. Of course, this is aimed mainly at Diablo Immortal fans, and not the general public, so probably not many units will be produced globally.

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