RNAKE ALERT: No, Metallica is not giving away Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Metallica has issued an alert to crypto-currency scammers promoting fake gifts.

The band Metallica has issued an alert against crypto-currency scammers trying to cash in on the craze by its new album.

The group has denied organizing crypto-currency giveaways that have recently begun to appear on social networks. “Let’s be as clear as possible. These are scams“, says his statement.

Questionable bitcoin and ethereum offers promising to double participants’ money were recently promoted through a website and fake livestreams on YouTube. In its statement, Metallica thanked the users who helped report them, stressing that their official channels on social networks are all verified.

At the end of November, Metallica, widely considered the best rock band of the last three decades, announced their new album entitled “72 Seasons.“Naturally, the group’s first release since 2016 generated a lot of buzz on social media, and scammers jumped at the chance to promote fake donation scams.

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In addition, the band also announced a world tour that will last two years.

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