Rising MediaMarkt Intel Rising returns on January 15

The Rising MediaMarkt Intelthe official VALORANT league in Spain organized by LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO), returns on January 15 with new features in the format and title contenders that promise to maximize the excitement on each day.

The competition will consist as always of a regular season that will give way to a playoffs phase, only now one and the other will have more value, since the eight teams will be playing for something: the first six, the access to the playoffs for the title; the last two, the penance of having to play the relegation phase to the Radiant League, VALORANT’s amateur circuit. Therefore, every game will be important to define which teams are fighting for glory and which will have to put their place on the line.

The second major novelty of the Rising MediaMarkt Intel is that it features two new title contenders: Barça eSportswhich already competed in the League of Legends Super League organized by LVP; and FIVEthe Andorran team founded in 2021 and owned by RickyEdit and Agustin51. Barça and FIVE join an eight-team competition that also includes the following teams Ramboot, UCAM, ZETA, KPI, AYM and the reigning three-time Rising champion, CASE Esports.

The Rising MediaMarkt Intel Rising reaches its fifth edition with some new players that are going to give a lot to talk about. In addition, the change of format will cause each match to be key to reach the playoffs or be in danger. Finally, having such an undisputed champion as CASE Esports should motivate the rest of the teams to improve their proposals and fight for the title. I am sure we are going to live a spectacular season.

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP

Barça eSports and FIVE, two ambitious contenders

With the participation of FC Barcelona in the Valorant competition of the LVP we add a new team that will represent the Club during this 2024. The Club continues to shape its commitment to esports and adds a team to the Valorant competition which, together with the one competing in League of Legends, are part of the will to explore new opportunities and reach new audiences.

Juli Guiu, Vice President of FC Barcelona

At FIVE, we are immersed in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and expectation before our upcoming participation in the Rising MediaMarkt. Having demonstrated our ability and obtained outstanding results in the lower categories, we feel fully prepared and highly motivated to face the challenges of competing in the highest category of the LVP. Our track record in previous competitions, marked by success and good performance, has given us the confidence and drive to aspire to replicate these achievements in an even more competitive and demanding scenario. We keep our aspirations at the top, with the firm intention of representing our team, FIVE, and by extension Andorra, in the most dignified and outstanding way possible in this new stage. This new chapter in the Rising MediaMarkt represents not only a challenge, but also an extraordinary opportunity for us at FIVE. We are committed to put everything we have learned into practice, to show our evolution and to compete with the utmost passion and dedication. Our goal is clear: to take the name of FIVE to the top of the LVP, demonstrating that we are a team capable of facing and excelling at the highest levels of competition.

Daniel Lorenzo, General Manager of FIVE

The team owned by footballer Carlos Casemiro (Manchester United), CASE Esports, will once again put the national throne in play and will be the great rival to beat for the rest of the contenders. It will be from January 15, every Monday and Tuesday from 17:30 hours, on LVP’s Twitch channel.

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MediaMarkt, Intel, OMEN and Domino’s renew their trust in Rising

The Rising MediaMarkt Intel will be sponsored this season by MediaMarkt, Intel, OMEN and Domino’s.

From MediaMarkt we want to continue betting on the world of Esports and Gaming. After the success of last season, we are very happy with the acceptance of the community and the growth of the competition. To be part of the Rising one more year and get closer to the whole community is an illusion and our priority is that the most gamers feel our support in the ecosystem and keep us at the top of mind whenever they have a technological need, offering them the best equipment to live the best gaming experience at the highest level. We are convinced that the next season of Rising will make all the fans vibrate. We are waiting for you.

Adrián Maldonado, esports Project Manager at MediaMarkt

At OMEN, we are proud and excited to support both the competition and the new teams, as we look forward to the progress these contenders will make in the league. We are convinced that this season will become a memorable milestone in the history of esports in Spain. From OMEN, we reaffirm our commitment to support competitions and gaming culture, boosting those passionate about esports. With our complete product portfolio, OMEN offers gamers the necessary tools to face challenges and improve their performance. This step forward reflects our shared mission to strengthen, empower and continue building Gaming in Spain.

Catalina Roa, OMEN’s Marketing Director

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