Rise of the Ronin Trailer shows you every weapon – That’s Gaming

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have released a behind-the-scenes video and battle vignette for Rise of the Ronin’s lush combat. If that’s not enough, trailers are available for each weapon type, courtesy of PlayStation Japan. Check them out below.

Weapons fall into two categories – melee and ranged – although some, such as the Bayonet, are capable of mid-range fire. Different styles allow you to unleash unique attacks, and combos are possible by switching between weapons. Each type also has unique finishers, whether stabbing, slashing or shooting them to death.

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Whether it’s a Naginata and Spear or Dual Blades and the Katana, Rise of the Ronin offers several tools for effective combat. The ranged weapons, including revolvers and bows, are also impressive in their damage, and layering the Grappling Hook to throw fools is entertaining.

Rise of the Ronin comes out March 22 for PS5.

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