Rise in coronavirus cases in Hong Kong affects certain non-emergency health services

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority reported Tuesday that the increase in coronavirus infections in the region is causing certain health services to be affected and some non-urgent surgeries are being postponed or canceled.

Health authorities in the region have confirmed more than 2,700 new infections in the last 24 hours, although it is estimated that with the current trend, up to 6,000 cases could be recorded daily within two weeks, Hong Kong’s RTHK television reports.

Thus, in this context, the head of the Hospital Authority, Sara Ho, has pointed out that some hospitals have begun to “adjust the quota” of non-urgent cardiac interventions or surgeries for benign tumors in order to free both health personnel and not to collapse hospital beds in the face of a possible increase in coronavirus patients.

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In the face of the spike in infections, the government has announced that it will extend the current social distancing measures for two more weeks, until July 27, and will monitor the overall development of the pandemic in the region.

In addition, presentation of vaccination certificates will continue to be mandatory in hospitality establishments, group gatherings in public spaces are prohibited, and the use of face masks will continue to be mandatory in transportation and certain public facilities.

Hong Kong health authorities have confirmed more than 1.27 million coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic, which has also left more than 9,400 people dead from the virus.

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