Ripple: “XRP is a complete scam”, David Schwartz responds to Craig Wright’s accusations, the tone rises!

Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator Craig Wright and Ripple CTO David Schwartz got into a heated debate on Twitter. The cause of the altercation was a tweet from Wright in which he claimed that “XRP is a complete scam“. However, as always, David Schwartz responded sarcastically to this absurd claim.

Ripple’s CTO doesn’t fall for Craig Wright’s trick

nChain chief scientist and controversial entrepreneur Craig Wright wrote on Twitter, “If you mention Ripple’s CTO, call him what he is… a crook, Davie“. He then compared David Schwartz with Maddoff and XRP with shitcoins.

Wright stated “If you think this is slander, remember the truth. Davie is a crook“He didn’t stop there and also wrote that “XRP is a complete scame”.

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Triggered by this statement, Schwartz responded, “It’s funny how you feel the need to attack me when, and only when, you are criticized for your own indefensible actions.

We always see that the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin always has something to say about XRP or David Schwartz while he acts as if things are reversed.

XRP’s current market position

XRP ranks 6th among crypto-currencies in terms of market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing, the price of XRP is currently levitating around $0.4097, with a market capitalization of $20.8 billion and 24-hour trading volume down 14.29%.

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It now stands at $778,874,551. At the same time, the outstanding supply is about 50,799,084,881 XRP.

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