Riot Games announces the restructuring of VALORANT Challengers

Riot Games’ global director of VALORANT Esports, Leo Fariahas announced changes to the VALORANT Challengers ecosystem, the second level of competitive VALORANT.

The changes, which have been detailed in a blog post on the Valorant blog, include a one-year runtime for Challengers leagues.moving Challengers Ascension to September and allowing the inclusion of affiliated teams.. Finally, VALORANT’s Premier game mode will allow players to qualify for the Challenger Leagues.which will add a new path to the professionalization of the title.

VALORANT’s Challenger leagues are below VALORANT’s international partner team leagues (EMEA, Pacific and Americas). The top teams in each region qualify for Ascension tournaments, which provide the opportunity to earn a two-year promotion to the respective VCT partner league of the competition. This year, The Guard, Gentle Mates and Bleed eSports joined the international VCT leagues.

However, Challenger leagues were criticized for not offering enough opportunities for players and teams.. This is largely due to the long breaks in the competitive season and the lack of competitive opportunities.

Faria and Riot Games noted that they plan to remedy this with several additions and changes.

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The first major addition is a Premier modewhich is located within the VALORANT client itself. Players will have the opportunity to create teams and play tournaments without leaving the client. According to Faria, these tournaments “will eventually qualify teams into the Challenger Leagues, creating a path to professionalization that starts in the game.“.

Faria noted that. Premier will serve as the third competitive layer of the game.but at this time no mention was made of future Challengers qualifying tournaments.

The second change that is occurring is the restructuring of the VALORANT Challengers calendar.. Challengers tournaments will be held throughout the year, with the aim of helping the tournaments’ audience and giving Challengers teams a way to play longer than this season.

It should be noted that Riot has announced certain trade-offs, such as the fact that not all tournaments will be trerun at all stages due to logistics. However, the company stated that it is open to providing creators with a “no-claims bonus.clean source“to share and organize watch parties.

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In light of the new changes, Ascension tournaments will be moved to Sept.e, after the end of VALORANT Champions, the last international event of the game’s season. Faria said that this “will allow the tournament to shine even brighter“.

Finally, Faria said that. will allow for greater “player mobility” in the futureallowing teams from the top leagues to field affiliated teams in the Challenger League. As a result, a new loan system will come into play, allowing teams to exchange players from VCT to Challengers and vice versa.

The exact dates and timing of all these changes are currently up in the airand Faria noted that more information will be shared about the leagues, dates and changes.”in the coming months“. Finally, Faria mentioned that some of the changes “might not hit the mark“but that the company is prepared to work with the community to improve and adapt.

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