Riot Games announces group stage draw for Worlds 2023

On the eve of the upcoming Worlds 2023the season-closing tournament of the League of Legends competitive scene, has officially begun. The countdown is on, and Riot Games has already made the first drawThe first matchups of the tournament that will be part of the Play-In Phase are already known. After being crowned G2 Esports in the LEC Season Finals, Riot used the Arena Sud de France stage in Montpellier for the draw.

Group stage draw for Worlds 2023.

As we can see, the matchups are decided, and the first matches we will enjoy will be the following:

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Group A

  • GAM Esports vs. LOUD.
  • PSG Talon vs. Movistar R7.

Group B

  • Team BDS / Golden Guardians vs. Team Whales.
  • CTBC Flying Oyster vs. Detonation FocusMe.

Admittedly, this was a very important draw, but Riot Games kept it simple, and with the “innocent hand” of Andrei “Odoamne” Pascuwho was in charge of opening the envelopes. First of all, the leaders of both groups came out, where we have GAM Esports and PSG Talon leading the Group Aand on the other hand Golden Guardians and CTBC Flying Oyster leaders of the Group B.

Finally, Odoamne unveiled the opponents of these teams, and we have. LOUD and Movistar R7 (LATAM teams). complete the Group Awhile Team Whales and Detonation FocusMe complete the Group B.

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The LATAM teams come to this Play-In Phase with a lot of determination to get a pass to the Worlds 2023. With these matches ready, the World Cup has practically everything in place to kick off its new edition.

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