REVIEW That 90s Show – the sequel to That 70s Show where the new characters seem “borrowed” from the Disney Channel

That 90s Show is the long-awaited sequel for fans of the famous comedy series That 70s Show.

The good news is that the first season of That 90s Show has already appeared on Netflix and is available to watch right now. However, as you’ve already figured out from the title, there is some bad news, but that’s obviously subjective.

That 90s Show, the sequel series where the characters Kitty and Red do the whole “show.”

That 90s Show is the sequel that some might consider the natural sequel to That 70s Show, although in fairness, it could have done without it.

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In my view, the moment Netflix decided to remove That 70s Show from its lineup but bet on its younger sibling, it made a big mistake, and for two reasons. First, the younger generation that gets to see That 90s Show will definitely want to see where it all started. In other words, you can’t take a show that made history and bet on its sequel with an uncertain future.

Returning to That 90s Show, I enjoyed seeing almost all the classic characters again, albeit fleetingly, but even more so because the writers chose to focus more this time on Kitty and Red who, coincidentally, have not lost their charm.

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And since we’ve been talking about classic but passenger characters, obviously Kelso, Jacky, Eric, Donna and Fez return, but the only one who gets more than three lines is Fez.

As for the new acting additions, i.e. the new generation, I wish I could say good things, but try as I might, the only good thing to say is that, among them, the producers have introduced the likeable Ozzie, the “different boy in the group” who, though not in a similar way, takes on the mission Fez had in the original show.

Unfortunately, the new teens seem lifted from the Disney Channel, utterly lacking the uniqueness of their “parents”.

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