REVIEW Sick Note – the Netflix series you might like if you’ve seen Harry Potter

If you’ve reached the end of Neflix and don’t know what else to watch, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to give Sick Note a shot.

A pretty good (don’t mean “exceptional”) British black comedy that grabs you pretty quickly and keeps you there, glued to your monitor, until the end of the two seasons that have appeared so far.

Rupert Grint stars in Sick Note

If you’re an avowed Harry Potter fan, you’ll be happy to know that Rupert Grint, the redhead from the Harry Potter film series, is playing the lead role in this series.

He plays Daniel, a somewhat mundane guy who holds an equally mundane job, so his life doesn’t seem to be heading in any upward direction.

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However, as fate doesn’t usually let you bite into boredom, he ends up facing a series of situations that certainly break him out of his monotony.

As with all British black comedies, events escalate rapidly in Sick Note. In other words, you’re not given the opportunity to feel sorry for Daniel enough… that the second you have to pity him for something else entirely.

You’ll still see her play Lindsay Lohan in this series, though the American actress doesn’t join the production until season two.

However, the episodes are so short that you’ll get to season two in about as long as you’d say “cancer” – you probably won’t get that joke until you see the show yourself.

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Clearly, Sick Note could be the ideal way to relax, even amuse at times, on a weekend when you don’t want to do much and definitely don’t want to think too hard.

If you’ve seen, say, 1899, your brain will need a break.

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